Hello all, I hope you are doing great. It’s been some time we had a fashion talk. Today, I’m going to tell you about the 5 basic elements to slay any OOTD (Outfit of the day). When i say 5 elements it basically means 5 accessories for Daily wear. We take these for granted but your accessories should match what you are wearing unless you want to play odd man out.
So to begin with, you should have good collection of bands, bracelets, necklaces, rings and watches. Even few good pieces of these can save your day. The one thing about collecting all these things is, unlike clothes these things can last pretty long. If invested In right ones, I bet you it will last forever.

Element 1  –  Watch

I am sure a Watch is something everyone owns. The Question is How can It be an amazing element? Well, Unlike old times we have ample of varieties. Let me list few, Analog Watch, Digital Watch, Automatic Watch, Chronograph Watch, Smart Watch, Luxury Watch, Fit Bit and many more. Now If I list down all the ways of wearing such varieties of watches, It will be a waste of time for you and me. So let’s break down to few watches which I feel can go with any outfit.
Smart watch – I don’t expect eveyone to own a smart watch but if you do let me tell you a few ways it can go with your outfit. I feel Smart watch can be worn with any casual wear, street style or even if you suit up. Pretty much every outfit except Traditional wear unless you have a ethnically designed watch band.
                              smart watch
Fitbit – Best for fitness enthusiatics and college going student. You can track your physical routine which is pretty cool. Makes the dopest Athliesier looks.
Analogue Watches  – Pretty suited for Traditional wear and Formal look. Not suggested for casual street look or daily outfit.
Those were my thoughts on watches, Rest you know what suits you best.

Element 2 – Wrist Bands

When I say Wrist bands, I am not talking about the rubber bands but the one you may have seen on many men’s wear pages. Those are the true wrist bands or wrist accessories. Now the kind of wrist accessories I’m talking about might be little costly but I can say it’s the best Investment. It lasts pretty long and If worn right, you can pair with your usual OOTD.

Element 3 – Rings

I am a fan of metal and customised rings. Design of ring depends totally on your creativity. Have a set of ring of different designs and shapes which will help you Enhance your styling game and take it up a notch. You can find rings as well on many Men’s wear pages. I’ll be linking few below.


Element 4 – Neck Chains

I thought of Including this since every street wear outfit can be complimented with a good pendant chain. Now while choosing it, make sure it doesn’t look like you’re over doing it or for sure not a anything like a thug. Look for something decent which should be pleasing to eyes.

Element 5 – Sling Bags

I don’t know how many of you are a fan of sling bags but I surely am. It just takes the load off your body and it eleminates the need of carrying a big bag. I feel it’s one of the most versatile accessory, It’s storage can be of great use. Go for a Basic color sling and you can carry it with any look.
That’s all for today, I hope you find this informative and helps you upgrade your style game. The links to websites for accessories are given below.
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