Hello all my readers, I hope 2020 is treating you well. Lately I have been collecting all sorts of content to kick start my YOUTUBE channel and this process led me to fall upon a fact that a lot of men are not comfortable talking about “MANSCAPING” 

Manscaping means managing the pubic hair around genital area.I feel it is a taboo around us guys because we don’t usually wanna talk about it and mostly we are just shy to do so. I did some google research and found out that only 50 – 60% of men are into manscaping. The numbers are not so bad but I couldn’t come around the fact as to why it’s uncomfortable to talk about the same. So today let’s talk about what ways a guy can use to manscape his genital region in a proper and safe manner. 

  1. Using a Razor

It’s going to be a little difficult when you try razor for cleanup but with a good quality razor you can clean it without damage. Now there are few things I will suggest before you run it on your ball. Make sure you apply the shaving cream first and be extra careful when you clean your scrotum. A small mistake can bring hell right at your feet. I will suggest you better use a 5 blade or 6 blade razor for smooth clean up.

2. Trimmer 

This one is an easy option but this will not give you a smoother finish as compared to razor. Trimming will not completely remove the pubic hair but it is better than leaving your hair untrimmed, thus creating a Rapunzel situation down there. But take care when you run it close to your skin, you can easily cut yourself. And again you have to be extra careful around scrotum and penis skin since it’s much sensitive and prone to injuries. 

3.  Waxing and threading

The title itself sounds terrifying but it is safe when done by a trained professional. In this method a warm wax strip is applied on the surface of the skin and after a few seconds the stripe is pulled off. Waxing is a much better alternative to shaving because it causes less itchiness when hair starts to grow again and prevents chances of getting ingrown hair. I wouldn’t suggest doing this by yourself.EVER. 

4. Chemical depilatories. 

I read this method on google so if you want to get rid of your pubic hair without any trouble and damage then I suggest you go for this one. Here, the chemical weakens keratin in hair so that it loosens from its follicle and after a while you can wipe it off with a towel or exfoliating sponge. The chemical is readily available at the drugstore. This method is not preferable if you have sensitive skin. It can cause rashes or redness. 

So that’s all for today fellas, I hope you find this blog informative. Do share it with your friends. I can catch you guys in the next one.


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