Hola Folks, How have you all been? So I bet most of your reading this article owns a pair of tux and proper suit and blazer. Let me ask you this Question; Are you really happy with it? is that  your “perfect Fit” Like I bet when you wear it to some event and you see other folks carrying the same thing but yet manage to stand out in the same jacket? Well let me help you with that today. Now we are living in a generation where readymade clothing sells faster than tailored once. I have said this in most of my articles “Do yourself a favour and get it tailored”

Now finding your perfect fit will definitely make you look like a guy who people will look up to and think why you look perfect. Now there are varieties of blazer, suit, tux and jackets out there available in market. Few are common while there are certain pieces of jacket that actually looks unique.

Outfit 1 –

We all want to dress like a gentlemen, let it be an event or a party. We want people to notice us. The first thing we think about is outfit. If you are dressed well then you have won the 50% war. Check out the look below which I have curated. It’s not a long shot but well if you pull it off with confidence then you will definitely have some eyes rolling at you.

Cantabil olazer look White turtle neck airport look Turtle neck outfit turtle neck suit outfit

Turtle necks are kind of underrated but it makes you look really good if you pull it with right choice of colors.

Outfit 2 –

I know few of you are wondering what kind of blazer jacket is that. It’s called open blazer. I do feel the pattern is quite English. But this pattern of jacket is truly unique and totally out of box. It’s paired with a tux shirt and skinny fit formal pants.

party wear open blazer look green open blazer open blazer

Outfit 3 –

I bet most of you own a 3 piece suit. A three piece suit enhances your features and again if it’s not according to your body fitting then you probably need to see a tailor.

mens photoshoot with piano Blue suit pocket square Plain blue suit

This one is quite simple but the color is different.

Red wine 3 piece suit Red wine blazer look

I really love the detailing work on jacket here. The color red contrast well with basic shirts.

Outfit 4 –

This one is my favourite. I am a sucker for suede material. I really love the minimal print of this jacket. It really looks classy and easy to carry. Totally fit for a party. I know ripped jeans is quite loud for such decent blazer, but I like to step out of comfort zone and look rad. You should give it a shot too.

Versace outfits Versace blazer Versace SS collection 2019

Talking about accessories and footwear, I have kept it minimal. Here I have paired it with chelsea boots while in rest of the outfits I have opted for formal shoe.

So that’s all for today, I hope you find this article informative. Follow on other social media plate form to know more about my styling.

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