Hello beautiful peeps. How have you all been?? I know climate now-a-day is kind of irritating but let’s stop being pissed and be flexible. Summer is the season of the year where minimal clothing is the only thing to go with. So which is the major trend during summer? Come to think of it, nothing comforts you more than denim and cotton short. There are numerous number of ways in which you can make a style statement with shorts and a classic printed Tee or collared tee. Have a look on how I have paired my grab.

Look 1. [Cotton World]

Nothing feels more amazing then a Soft fabric against your skin. Except being awesome, best thing about cotton shorts is that it’s available in various colors unlike denim. Also its lighter then rest of fabrics.

Like denim, keep accessories light and choose your shoes according to the color of your shorts.

Summer Apparel.  Cotton shorts

Posing while walking




Look 2. [Quaint Denim]

Top to bottom denim is all you need to exit “pissed off” zone. Easy to pull off and won’t ever be outta trend. If you are a denim lover, Read my previous blog where I have recounted my love for denim.

Denim apparel. All Denim clothes


Keep your body light by going for minimal accessory. Opt for Loafers or Vans rather than Flip-flops, It will give more assertion look.

DEnim posing

Here’s another look where I have paired denim shorts with a plain white shirt, and I personally find this look exemplary.

Garden pose Tommy Hilfiger Shirt



Hope you guys liked it. Till my next post stay tuned. 😀

Bhavin Nahar Photography.

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