What’s the one thing that we use in our everyday cooking? Now there can be tones of thing to name but let’s focus on “Oil” Now we all know there are varieties of oil available in market but today the Highlight of our blog is “Palm Oil”. Recently I attended Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)


About the Event –

  • Themed Event –

Now I have attended many Events but this one surly stood out. We were asked to dress up as Bollywood celebrities and there we had a room full of Bollywood dressed up celebs, it defiantly felt refreshing. From Shahrukh Khan to Ranbir Kapoor, people made sure to cover all the known celebs.

Ranbir Kapoor Look Form Roy

  • Presentation by Dr. Bhavna Shah

So the Event Started with Dr. Bhavna Vyas Shah presentation where she acknowledged us about the use and advantages of palm oil and how the cultivation rate will be increased in next 10 years. She is  country representative for India and Sri Lankan MPOC. With balanced diet palm oil can be really advantageous. About 41% of Palm oil is being used around India which is pretty wide spread. Palm Oil is majorly Use in Dairy products and many other foods Industry. We also got a chance to hear few words from Mr. Sandeep Bhan (Chief Operating Officer of Sime Darby Oils, Part of Sime Darby Plantation, the Biggest Producer of sustainable Palm Oil.). Being at this high position he was very polite and very kind. He has been in the industry for more than 23 years, worked in various countries.

Fun Fact – Palm Oil Is Cholesterol Free like Vegetable Oil and its “TRANS FAT FREE”. It Enhances vitamin ‘A’ status in our body and boost brain health. Now there is a good reason as to why Palm Oil should be in every house.

  • Food Hunt –

The Event was full of Surprise, after the presentation we all gathered to form small groups and were given clue cards. We had to figure out the name of the restaurants and head there before other teams. The first stop was ‘Baaraana’ which was located in Atria Mall and it was a 5 min walk from our location. We had a quick food tasting session there. The food was purely made from Palm oil and it did taste amazing. After quick tasting session we were handed our second clue card to figure out our second location. It was “The Game”. Our group was second to reach there, we quickly solved the MCQs that were handed to us and again we were handed the clue card.

This was our third clue card; we quickly figured out the location and ran towards “Light House Café”. As soon as we reached there we were given a plate with veggies, we had to make a salad using few herbs and Palm Oil. And now it was time for our final task. Now one from each group was asked to stand aside a table where the ingredient was kept in bowl. We had to make Ice cream with the given ingredient and the 1st group to mix and clean the bowl ‘wins’.

  • on stage

After the fun round of playing around with clue cards we headed back to the Sunville Banquet and it was time for the “on Stage” session. Since we all were dressed up as Bollywood Persona it was time to hit the stage arena and say few words or dialogue of the character we all impersonated. I can say we all in the room were surely big Bollywood fans. Everybody performed real well.

Ranbir Kapoor Look#baraanaamumbai

  • Lunch Time.

After interesting clue card session and stage performance it was time to= hit the buffet and it tasted so good.  From soup to rice they made sure to cover all the good stuff. It was a soulful eating session. We had time, got to meet new people and people we only see on social media. The event ended with a group picture and Good byes.

Event Location – Mumbai, India.

MPOC Link – http://mpoc.org.my/


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