Hello all. How are you all doing? Summer is getting worst; the heat is just killing it. Anyway today I’m going to talk about budget clothing. Unless the money is flooding in your bank account, you always got to look after the budget before you hop into the shop. Since I reside in Mumbai, I’ll talk about the best street to shop tees, shirts and other accessories for summer and it will surely help you Reinvent your style on a budget.
Since I live in Mumbai, My first recommendation will streets of Colaba and the one living in Mumbai is well aware about the street of Colaba. If you have good bargaining skills then bingo you can get yourself dozen of clothes. It’s a fact that Men don’t have as many choice as women does but still we can try our best.

streets of colaba
Not only clothes but there are tones of accessories as well. Check out this attire which I got from Street of Colaba.

Black shirt  reinventing style on budgetcotton black shirt
Surprisingly the shirt is real light and quality is worth the money. Talking about quality, I would rate it 5/10. But you can’t expect much right?
Then comes the fashion street known as FS. This street is like a kilometer long. Like Colaba you can find all type of clothes and accessories here. I wouldn’t suggest to buy a jeans from the street, since jeans can be used for at least a year or may be two.

fashion street mumbai
Apart these, there are few online store which provide real good quality clothing like The souled store, bewakoof, the red wolf, 7trendz, printoctopus, Tkameez, fugazee, and many more.
Accessories being a main part of your attire, except Colaba it’s difficult to find a good quality bands and rings. For that you can either look for those on Amazon or koovs.
Check out this kurta kum tee which I got from FS.

shirt kum kurta street style india lavender kurta

Apart all these, you can also find some good home decor and home utility as well. That’s all for the day. Let me know in the comment section if it was useful.
Thank you.

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