Hello to each one reading this blog, I hope you’re all doing well. So recently I visited Thailand and this was my first international trip. The experience was really mesmerizing, got to see so many places, met new people, and much more. It was not any collaboration; me and my dad planned the whole trip and made the Itinerary. Of course we had little trouble with it but here let me give you give a proper Itinerary where you can plan this whole trip by yourself and see places.

Air fare charges –

If you book a ticket 3 – 5 months prior to Bangkok you can get ticket for approx INR 11,000 / person (one way)
And if you wish to skip Bangkok then you can board local flight to Phuket from the same Airport and it will cost you around INR 2,000 – 4,500 / person (Depends how early you book)
There is even a direct flight available to Phuket but it can cost you approx. INR 9,000 – 10,000 (one way and provided you book 3 – 5 months prior)

Day 1 –

We boarded a direct flight to Phuket and landed in morning around 7.30 (GMT +7) and headed to hotel (Deewana patong resort and spa). First day we relaxed and enjoyed the soothing weather. We roamed around the surrounding area and also visited the Patong beach since it was 5 min walk from our Hotel. If you happen to visit Phuket don’t forget to Drink Coconut water and the all the possible fruits.

deevana patong resort and spa deevana patong resort and spa thailand phuket

phuket, Thailand

Day 2 –

We left the hotel around 8.30 AM and headed to Phi Phi Island and spent the whole day visiting different Islands and returned by 6.30PM.

monkey beach island thiland phi phi island, Phuketkhai beach island phuket thailand

roaming around hong island

The best thing about all island was they were really clean and tidy. There are total 8 Island to visit. In 1st Island (Maitoon) they will let you swim with the fishes. The is as blue as sky and crystal clear. You can see the under-water beauty with your naked eyes and that’s really astounding. My favourite Island was “Khai Island” because the vibe of that island was really chilled and one can literally stay there and forget that other people exist.

Day 3-

The next day we left the hotel at same time and headed to James Bond Island. This also took the whole day and we returned around 7.30PM. Now james bond is just 1 Island and the whole tour goes by the name “James Bond Island”

Now the first Island we visited was Panak Island where they will take you around the caves. Fun fact the caves was opened for the tourist 25 years back by the Government of Thailand. You can see stalactite and cave bats. 


james bond island

Caves in Panak Island, Phuket Big fish thiland

At the end of the caves you will see the real beauty where the water goes dark green and it shines like neon.

around the isalnds in thailand coca cola island best clouds view monkey island, james bond market on james bond island canoe view of coca cola island
The place is truly heaven, the kind of people I interacted with and the food was outstanding. You can actually stay there for whole week and still enjoy as much. But I think 3 days are more than enough. While you’re there, you can visit Phi Phi Island and James bond Island. This 2 Island takes whole day so plan it accordingly. There were more places to visit and the city market but due to short on time we couldn’t. But we did visit the Bangla Street; it’s a whole another world for Adult lifestyle. I will be talking about in my vlog so make sure you’re following me on YouTube too.

Day 4 –

We had a local airline booked for travelling from Phuket to Bangkok since there was no airport in Pattaya. As soon as we landed Bangkok airport the taxi was waiting outside. We began our journey from Bangkok to Pattaya. I have to say Bangkok is a way too crowded city especially the road are very bad with traffic. It took us 2 hours to reach our destination. We booked Grand Bella hotel since it was pretty close to the beach. Rest of the day we explored the nearby area and also went to walking street. Again walking street is dedicated to adult lifestyle.

Grand Bella Hotel, Pattaya


Day 5 –

We left for Coral Island around 8.30Am. There was various water sports activity you can try out. We reached the Coral island around 12.30 PM. The climate was pretty humid and the sun was just sucking the energy out of the body so didn’t left our beach chairs. We soon left the island and headed back to our hotel. Rest of the day we rested. I left the room again around 7.30pm to explore more around the blocks.

Coral Island

Day 6 –

We left for Bangkok in morning and reached Bangkok around 12 in the noon. As soon as we reached the hotel we left for Indra market. We ditched the roadway and went ahead with Metro. It was pretty packed. We boarded metro from Sukhumvit to Chitlom. The Market is 1 KM away from Chitlom metro St. We walked to the market and explored it for a while and later headed for lunch. If you’re looking to purchase clothes in huge quantity, you should visit the market in morning around 4.30AM. That’s the time when the rates are as low as possible according to locals

Bangkok street Bangkok roads

Around the street in bangkok floating market of bangkok Streets of bangkok

Day 7 –

We checked out of the hotel at 12 noon and left for the market again since our flight was at 10.30pm. We spent the noon in market and left for airport at 5pm. It took us 2 and half hour to reach the airport due to heavy traffic. It was almost not moving at certain point. We reached airport around 7.30pm and proceeded with all the process.

Suvernabhumi Airport, Bangkok


About food –

Well if you’re vegetarian then it might create a little problem because the islands don’t have veg food so you have to carry the food along. Rest it won’t be a problem when you’re in the city. If you’re in Phuket I would recommend Madras Café. It’s a pure veg Restaurant. If you’re in Pattaya I would suggest Chotiwala, it’s a South Indian Restaurant. And I Bangkok I would suggest “Honest restaurant”. It’s opp. To Indra Market. You can find all these places on Google Maps.
If you’re a non vegetarian then it’s a pure heaven for you.

About travelling –

Travelling between two points is quite costly I feel. So try and bargain as much as you can. Before booking your tour for any islands, city tour or cultural shows, make sure you have enquired with at least 4 to 5 local touring companies.
Bangkok is really really crowded with local people and tourist. Their Traffic condition is pretty worse so plan your day in Bangkok accordingly. Also I would suggest you guys to walk as much as you can. It’s the best way to explore the surroundings.

We avoided to travel via their local vehicle since me and parents thinks that the best way to explore a city is by walking. We walked like 10 15 km because the surrounding was so intriguing you will not notice the distance you have walked. Trust me, It’s totally worth.

Alternative –

After Visiting Phuket, I will not at all suggest you guys to visit Pattaya or Bangkok. Instead go Krabi Island and Hawaii Mountain.
We skipped cultural shows and city tour in Phuket and Pattaya because we were more focused on Thailand’s natural beauty.

Costing –

It cost approx 50,000 INR / person.

The amount can be reduced if you go for 2 star and 3 star hotels.
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  1. This is really very informative blog. While reading I felt like I was enjoying all those activities and it is written so nicely. Great description for itinerary and to do list in Thailand.

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