Hello folks, let me tell you about being an Indian. Here the title “The traditional affairs” defines various type of Indian ethnic wear. I have being wearing ethnic outfits ever since I know. My love for ethnic wear is just so huge. My one part of the wardrobe is actually dedicated to just ethnic wear. To me, it defines beauty of manner and a status. It just makes you feel good and if you pick the right one you surly stand out of the crowd. So below I have put down my favorite outfits.

Outfit 1 – Floral love

This was truly love at first sight. I have picked out this cloth material myself and got it tailored according to my fit. I have to tell you, a good tailor plays a major role when it comes to ethnic wear. Because one wrong move and there you look like a fat joker. The design is quite simple, the side cutouts make it captivating and the detailing of the fine print is outstanding.

Floral Sherwani Custom floral print sherwani

This is a typical sherwani look. The bottom wear known as “Pyjama” compliments the whole look. The color selection of pyjama can be selected from the fine print of sherwani.

Outfit 2 – Jodhpuri

This is the true Essence of Rajasthan. It has been in trend since ages and it does give a Royal touch to your personality. The excellent suede material used in this attire exceptionally stand out.  Bottoms are easy to pair, go for slim or skinny fit chinos (cotton pants) and you’re ready to hit the floor.

Velvet jhodpuri blue velvet material jodhouri

Outfit 3 – Jodhpuri jacket

This outfit always makes me feel out of box. It’s simple yet the jacket makes it look unique. Again this one is tailored and I have made the changes in the jacket and the kurta myself.  The peach color looks pretty decent to me and I have picked the color of kurta and pyjama based on the color of the jacket.

Indian Jodhpuri Jacket Jhodpuri jacket

Outfit 4 – Flower power

The minimal floral print takes the award. It’s not much yet you will stare at it for quite a while. Red is a great choice for ethnic wear. It never fails to catches one attention.

Floral Ethnic wear Indian Floral ethnic wear Red sherwani with floral print

Outfit 5- Abstract Green

Out of all the outfits I mentioned above, this one is lighter than the rest of pack. I usually wear it at small family functions. The abstract prints look basic and uncomplicated.

Green Sherwani Indian Green Ethnic wear

Talking about footwear and accessories, accessories that has gold or silver plating will compliment the outfit. And apart that rusty or copper furnished looking accessory goes along too. About footwear – it actually depends on the occasion and outfit too. You can wear mojdi for the sherwani as well as semi formal shoes like sing and double trap monks or even plain brogue derby and quarter brogue derby.

I hope you find this blog regarding ethnic wear informative. If you ever thought of purchasing one, do yourself a favour and get a tailored fit outfit. You can customize it according to your personality. See you guys next time, till then Stay Trendy !

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