Destination – Discover Resort

Location – Neral (Roughly 1.5km away from Neral station)
Duration – 1 day.

So the day started with an alarm disturbing my sleep. The Discover resort I was going to visit was pretty far (almost 2 and half hour by local trains and if you Hit the Roads it will take roughly 2 hours depending upon traffic)


Our check-in timing was 12 PM and We reached around 11.40 Pm. Resort was pretty impressive, It had a welcoming entrance and the reception area was just right down the entrance. The Resort is pretty couple and family friendly. The registration process was pretty quick and simple, (make sure to carry an id proof) As soon as we were handed our keys, a guy guided us to our room. 

About the Room –

It was pretty decent. It has a small kitchen plate form and a sizable balcony with 2 chairs and a table set at the center of balcony. The view was breathtaking, I could see the swimming pool and few buildings which were quite aesthetically soothing.
The bathroom has a bathtub and Hot water is available only for considerable amount of time. Lights were quite dimmed but satisfactory.It has a dressing table, TV, various charging points, wardrobe and a cozy king size bed.

                           View for the view of Discover Resort  

So after a small room tour we headed out and had a look at the whole property, Let me tell you it’s really huge. I felt It would be amazing if i had an hover board to roam around the resort. It has a huge swimming pool which can probably handle 100 people at once. It has a smaller kids pool as well. Across the pool is the dinning area. Along with dinning area there is a spa room and above the dining area is the Gaming Zone.

                spa room of discover resort

About the Food:

The Resort is full of greenery, which keeps it considerably cool even in the warm weather. The food is good, you’ll feel like home. They believe in serving simple food which makes it even better.

Tariff rates

Rack Rates
Discounted Rates For Your Group
Single Occupancy
Double Occupancy
Triple Occupancy
Quadra/ Octa Occupancy
(Rates are inclusive of food)

Over-all review

The Resort is really amazing and peaceful for a long weekend. Traveling is convenient by both Railway and Roadway. It is covered by hills and mountains so if you’re a person looking for a place away from city then this place is all you need to visit.


Hope you guys liked my first travel blog, Feel free to share your valuable comments/Suggestions.
Thank you.


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