Hello to all my fellow readers. Let’s talk about footwear today since it’s one of the most basic segments of your daily clothing. Now investing in a good quality footwear is like share market, you need to be very careful. Good quality footwear can last for like 2 year provided you take good care of it. Recently I came across a brand called “Neeman” which manufactures loafers and sneakers using Merino Wool, Plant based Castor Bean Oil & Recycled Rubber as their basic fabric. Now it may sound little tangling but if you ask me it’s a good investment. So I couldn’t miss this opportunity to collaborate with this brand.

They have adopted quite unique colors for their sneakers and loafers. I got myself a pair of light blue color loafers. The fabric felt damn good to my feet. It was like heaven for my feet since there was no involvement of socks.

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The sole is pretty flexible and they have decided to go with form as their inner sole. If you live or travel to area with minimum amount of dust then you should definitely consider getting one of this.

unique pose for men

Talking about its design, it’s quite simple which I think is good. You don’t need to style your outfit according to your shoe. It just mends with your outfit and gives you a good finishing.

wool shoes

The weight of this footwear is really light. Which totally makes it easy to carry all day and considering the amazing fabric it is pretty breathable. The fabric of the shoe contains sheep-produced waxes (lanolin and keratin) which prevent the bad odor and resist moisture.

I guess that’s all for the day. The link to the website is given below. Go have a look at it and let me know in the comment section how you guys liked it. Until my next blog stay tuned and stay trendy.

Link – https://neemans.com/


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